Nail cutting is more important for dogs than we human beings. This is because dogs move around different places and get affected by germs in its nail. These germs are very harmful to dogs. Most of the diseases evolved from dog’s nails.

Dogs also feel discomfort for the big nail. That is why nail should be cut in every week. If you cannot do it in every week, try to cut the nail at least once in 15 days.

A good quality nail grinder is needed to cut the nail. Nowadays, various kinds of electric nail grinders are available on the market. But it is difficult to select the best grinder from all of these.

So, we are going to review the best nail grinders for dogs. We would like to highlight every detail of the grinders. Let us move on to detailed information about it.

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What is a Dog Nail Grinder?

It’s an alternative option to clippers serves as a grooming tool needed when your dog looks so ugly for their growing nail.

Generally, a dog doesn’t like clippers, so you can use nail grinder as another way that is easy to quickly grind the nail. The grinder takes a short time to the clipper, high speed and rounded grinder always accepted to use for dogs.

Pros and Cons of Using a Dog Nail Grinder

Everything has a side effect besides well something. Dog nail grinder also has advantages and disadvantages are described below:

Advantages of Nail Grinders:

  • Good For Unsteady Hands: For beginners, grinder is the best options to keep short nail. It’s easy to proceed and use that helps to cut the nail smoothly without any before experience. If, your hand is unsteady to use a clipper, then buy the grinder confidently that is enough for solving your problems.
  • Helpful For Afraid Dogs: Sometimes your dog can face a bad experience with clippers, he also feel bad using a grinder. But the grinder’s fast service can keep him silent if they will experience it only for one time that can remove their fear. Dog owner also can feel better to use it that decreases the possibility to get heart from grinders.
  • You’ll Get Smooth Edges: If you can get a smooth edged of dog nails, confidently use the grinder gives a round, clean surface of nail, help to remove cracking of nail. Grinder helps to build a nice, good looking nail. This smooth nail also keeps safe all things like floor scratching, nail breaking, cracking and pinching that is possible to reduce.

Disadvantages of Nail Grinders:

  • Your Dog May Still Be Afraid: If your dog may become afraid to use clippers, so the grinders are not enough to alleviate immediate anxiety. The sound of the grinder may also make your dog nervous to see the grinder. Your dog can’t take it easily if you try to give him a lot of comfort. Take some time to give him break and feel him that’s save and fearless for them.
  • You Can Still Hit the Quick: If you don’t enough expert, it will chance to hit him even you use a grinder. So, you should careful about it, otherwise they can get heart their quick. Though grinder is much easier to clippers, in spite of you have to be more careful removes anxiety.  
  • Humming Noise: Avoid human creating noise losses their attention to grind the nail. They can harm from it, even bleeding can be happened.

How to Grind Your Dog’s Nails: Step-By-Step Process

Before doing grinding, you should know the step on how to grind your dog’s nails that will be efficient and effective are following:

Get Your Dog Accustomed To The Grinder

Let him introduce first with the grinder tools, if the tools are too small in size. Give them a reward like some stinky, yummy treats after showing the grinders, then play some time with grinders as a toys carefully. Make sure giving them treats, if they play with these tools carefully.

Secondly, try to hold the grinder in your hand and quickly turn it on and off, followed by rewards. Then, make practice with sound, so that they can’t feel so bored or scared. Gradually, you can try on its nail for a short time. Try it again and again.

And the final term, turn the grinder on them for a longer period and reward them as their like. At last you will be winner to do it successfully after a certain period.

Dog Nail Grinding Tips & Tricks

  • Only Grind A Small Amount At A Time: You should try only to grind a small part of your dog’s nail in one sitting to support the dog’s toe, but don’t squeeze too hard that makes their confidence much and also helps to remove fear.
  • Hold Close to The Top: Try to hold the grinder higher up and towards the top for better control to them and give a comfort zone that makes a friendly environment for doing best.
  • Keep Your Dog Comfy: When you want to go for grind their nail, make sure the comfortable position that they are deserved. Keep their foot in a suitable position that is easy to grind the paws.
  • Grinders Get Hot!: Sometimes, grinders may be getting hot, so try to the grinder against the nail for a second or two at a time. Much using grinder may become hotter that may hampers the dog.
  • Watch Out For Hair & Fur: Long hair and fur are not acceptable for dog that causes health issues, so make sure to short hair for giving safety and these tools keep away from them, otherwise, they can caught it.

About the Best Nail Grinders For Dogs Review- Top Picks!

Many people get confused when they go for buying a nail grinder. Every company comes up with a flashy offer. That is why it is quite difficult to select the best one for the common people. Expert dog owners and veterans can do this job easily. Basically, we are going to present their opinion here.

We would discuss here what they use and recommend using.  We will provide the guideline for the specification, features, and facilities of each grinder in the review. We have selected the 5 best nail grinders for the review of the best nail grinder for dogs considering a lot of aspects.

So now let us move on to the detailed information of those 5 nail grinders.

1. Dremel Cordless Pet Dog Nail Grooming & Grinding Tool

Best Nail Grinders For Dogs

In the first of our review, we have the Dremel pet nail grinder. This is a very powerful nail grinder. No matter how hard the nail is, it has the powerful motor to cut them all. Without hurting your dogs, it cut them all within a moment. The motor of this excellent grinder can rotate in the 2-speed system.

You can adjust the speed lower when you use it. If the nail is thick you can use it even at 13000 RPM speed. It makes a low noise while trimming so that dogs do not get bothered by it.

They provide a powerful rechargeable battery inside this which has a cordless operating function. Within only 3 hours the battery can get fully charged and ensure you a long backup facility.

The body of the clippers is made of very hard plastic. So, it is ensuring a long-term service easily. The electronic component of this is also of very high quality. Anyone would like to say, it is one of the best nail grinders for dogs. In a single word, it is a perfect nail grinder for cutting the nail.

Key Features

  • Made of quality materials so it lasts a long time
  • A powerful rotary motor which makes 13000 stoke per minute
  • The nail can be cut smoothly and there is only a lower vibration
  • Cordless operation facility
  • A powerful battery that provides backup for a long time

The grinder Dremel has brought is liked by everyone. There are only a few people you would get who do not get happy to use it. If you think our review is a fake review then you can check out the Amazon rating of this product. You can say it nail’s restraint.

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2. The Electric Nail Grinder for Dogs- Pedy Pet Nail Grinder

Pedy Pet Nail Grinder

Pedy Pet is not lagging behind in producing the electric nail grinder. They have launched a very attractive grinder in the market which is very effective for smooth nail trimming.

The clipper has a rechargeable battery facility so you can use it for a long time without any electricity. Its powerful battery provides a very good backup. Apart from this, you can remove the irritating cord too.

The trimming system would be more comfortable without the cord. The outer side of the grinder did not get much heat and noise is also low. So, the dog does not express its irritation at the time of trimming.

The advanced mute motor is used in this grinder so no irritating sound came from it. The main thing is to protect over cutting they have provided guard system. And the handle is made of silicone so there is no chance of overcutting by vibration.

They have offered several sizes of this grinder. So, it is workable for any dog. Therefore, for a lot of benefits, it can be placed in the best nail grinders for dogs review. For nail care, it is a very effective grinder.

Key Features

  • Having USB charger and cordless operation facility
  • Long-time battery backup
  • Guard system to protect nails over cutting
  • It has a Silicon handle, mute motor so there is no noise and vibration.
  • Detachable diamond grinding wheel

If you want an effective grinder, then you can choose it. Though it is new in the market compared to others, this is not bad. It has some advanced-level technological touches which are not be shown on the other grinders. If you do not want to bother the dogs at all for nail grooming, then it is one of the best.

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3. Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

If you want to use a single grinder for trimming your all pets then this is recommended for you. This is because it is has been made in a way that it would be suitable for all pets.

Dogs would not be bothered a bit and you would nicely complete dog trimming. For being light in weight and size, you can use it easily for trimming in outdoor.

They have provided a rechargeable battery that makes your work easy. After charging it once, you can trim your pet for a long time. Besides, it has a USB cable facility which is removable. There are 3 different ports in the grinding area.

According to your dog’s nails, you can use any of them. A Super mute motor is used in it so it has no vibration and bothering sound. The design is attractive too. It looks like a body spray if you put a cap on it.

It will not do over-cutting, so it is fully safe. As well as it is very easy to clean. Considering all of these aspects, it can be said one of the best nail grinders for dogs. Mainly it is a model of the smooth, noiseless, and effective grinder.

Key Features

  • Rechargeable battery and cordless operation facility
  • It does not over cut the nail, so it is safe to use.
  • A super mute motor which does not create annoying sound
  • In the grinding area, there are 3 different sizes of ports so this is fit for all breeds
  • It is also effective for nail trimming of other pets

For considering these facilities such as the safe, comfort, noiseless, and effective cleaning facility you cannot get a better grinder than it. This super mute motor grinder will ensure you a smooth nail trimming facility.  Apart from this, the review of the grinder is also positive. You can try it once. You can do nail trimming without any hassle.

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4. Dog Nail Grinder, Painless Ultra Quiet Pet Nail Grinder Clippers Set

Dog Nail Grinde

If you want to get a lot of grooming materials after buying only one grinder then this is for you. After buying it, you would get nail grinder, nail clipper and nail file. It will extremely take care of your dog nail. First of all, we would like to discuss the rechargeable battery.

They have provided a good quality battery for outdoor operation. The battery size is small and has a good backup system, so you can trim the nail at any place.

Diamond bit grinder facility makes it safer. It is the attentive guard for protecting nail’s over cut. The motor of this nice grinder is made by super mute technology which is more powerful. It even cut the much hardy nail too without any sound or vibration.

You can trim the nail hour after hour without bothering a dog. It is not the end of its effectiveness. This grinder has 3 different ports for various kinds of nail. For this, each of the different sizes of nails would be fit for any of the ports. Considering its super mute, speedy motor and safety, it can be placed in the queue of the best nail grinders for dogs.

Key Features

  • Provide extra safety to protect over-cut
  • The motor is super mute and powerful
  • Low noise, heating, and vibration that is why it can trim so smoothly
  • Portable, super backup and USB charging facility
  • Nail clippers and nail file will be provided for free

The facilities they are providing here mean that you are the ultimate gainer. If the nail grinder does not work for any reason, you can do your job of nail trimming by the nail clipper easily. For that, you do not need to pay any extra. If you buy this, you will be the gainer in all aspects. The experts always recommend that to try ou

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5. The Conair Best Professional Dog Nail Grinder

ConairPRO Dog Professional Nail Grinder

In our review, the ConairPRO Professional Dog Nail Grinder has been placed in no. 5 serial. It is of very high-quality grinder that can trim the dog’s nail safely. They are very concerned about dogs’ safety.

So, there will be no chance of over-cutting. Besides, it only creates a little noise, but the dog never bothers by it.  And there is no vibrating or heating issue. The only problem is that it is not cordless. So, you have to do your operation with the cord. Its powerful motor can destroy the nail at a moment.

The body is made of high-quality plastic. There is also a protective adjusted cover in it. You can easily change those because of the easily interchangeable stone/sander attachment facility. It is small in size and its weight is also light.

You can trim different kinds of nails by using it. Experts suggest this different kind of grinder as one of the best grinders for dogs. It can be said, it is a very good grinder for smoothly trimming the nail. It is especially perfect for indoor grooming.

Key Features

  • It is specially designed for safely grinding pet nails.
  • For all sizes of dogs
  • Silence, lightweight, compact, and powerful
  • It has a protective adjustable cover
  • It also has easily interchangeable stone/sander attachments.

Considering the quality and comfort, this product will remain ahead of many. It is low priced and high-quality grinder. It protects the dog’s nail from over-cutting and ensures safety. Science coming to Amazon, it has satisfied nearly everyone. This is such a grinder which is perfect for all sizes of dogs.

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Last Words

As a dog’s nail is harmful to human, it is also harmful to dogs as well. If dogs scratch anyone by its nail, they can be affected by a serious disease like rabies. So, we should not take the nail slightly. It is possible to stay free of many diseases if the dog nails get cut regularly.

When the nail got bigger, it will be poisonous too. Cutting nail is very easy with the grinder. The dog does not bother with it. Nowadays, there are a lot of powerful grinders which can cut the nail so smoothly. We have presented some of the best grinders in front of you here.

All grinders are of very high quality that is placed in the best nail grinders for dogs review. It is difficult for us to select any specific one. So you can select one, whatever you want. By trimming dogs nail regularly, keep your dogs safe and, along with you, lead a sound life. We wish that may your beloved pet dog be healthy and get a good life.


1. What Is a Nail Grinder for Dogs?

A nail grinder is an electric tool that files down your dog’s nails rather than clipping them. The grinder works by rotating a small, sandpaper-like disc—a process known as grinding—that gradually wears away at the nail without cutting into it.

2. Why Should I Use a Nail Grinder Instead of Clippers?

Nail grinders can be used for dogs with thick or dark nails, making it difficult to see the quickly. Additionally, nail grinders are less likely than traditional clippers to cause bleeding or pain, creating a smoother edge on the dog’s nails.

3. What Should I Look for In a Good Nail Grinder for Dogs?

A good nail grinder should be quiet and powerful enough to grind down even thick nails. Look for a model with multiple speed settings, as well as different sanding bands or discs for various nail sizes. You’ll want something comfortable with an easy grip.

4. How Do I Use a Nail Grinder to Trim My Dog’s Nails?

To desensitize your dog to the sound of a nail grinder, begin by offering treats and praise while it’s running. Then hold your dog’s paw gently but firmly as you gradually file down the nails—taking care not to get too close to them quickly. It may take several tries to achieve the length you want, but with practice, both you and Fido will feel more comfortable.

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