Best Brush For Maltese Dogs

If you pet a Maltese dog then you should know well enough how much tangle the coat of this breed of dog gets. To remove this tangle, it is needed to use the detangler shampoo or dog brush. The brush is the most suitable choice because shampoo is quite expensive.

To remove the tangles of Maltese, you require the best quality brush. But is it possible for ordinary people to choose the best brush? That is why it is necessary to have the opinions of experts. So, today we have come up with the best brush for Maltese in the light of the opinion of the dog expert. We will review the best 5 brushes for Maltese today. Our review will include all the details of each brush nicely.

There is no alternative to regular brushing to keep the dog healthy. The reason is that if you do not get brushing to your dog, then the dog will become ill having tangles to its coats. Then the dog gets various types of skin diseases. That is why you need to choose the brush for Maltese which is suitable for its coats.

We have included 5 best quality brushes in the review. We have selected these by considering Amazon ratings, opinions of experienced persons, and quality. Hopefully, our review will help you a lot to choose the brush for your Maltese.

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About the Best Brush For Maltese Dogs- Top Picks!

We can say for sure that most Maltese owners do not know which brush is best for their dog. Due to the absence of this little bit of information, they bought the so-called brush from the market. Because of which the results are not satisfactory. This brush cannot remove the matt, tangle of thick coats of Maltese. Considering all this, we have come up with the best brush for Maltese.

Today we will show you which the best brush is for Maltese, how is the quality of the brushes, etc. In our review, we will mention the specification, features, and advantages, and disadvantages of each brush.

By that, you can understand which brush is helpful for your dog. All the brushes which we have reviewed are best in quality and performance. So let us start the discussion about the best brush for Maltese. We will write the details of each brush one after another.

1. Furminator Dog Grooming Com For All Coat

best brush for maltese

This brush just looks like a comb. The hand grip of it will attract anyone. It is basically used to remove tangles of the small surface. This brush can effortlessly do the job that cannot be done by the pin brush or bristle brush. The pins are rounded so it can brush anywhere. The brush is very effective to remove undercoats, matt, tangle, etc.

The brush is designed according to the natural contours of your pet’s body. This great and effective brush is very cheap at the price. You will not get so much good-quality dog brush like this at such a low price. This brush has been specially designed for breeds like Maltese.

The dogs will not be disturbed at all while using the brush. Rather, it will also feel comfortable due to round pins and it will also bring benefit to the health of the dogs.

Because of the soft plastic handle of the brush, you will also get a lot of comfort while brushing. In a word, the brush is just like the best brush to be listed in the review of the best brush for Maltese. The brush contains all the qualities to be one of the best brushes.

Key Features

  • Long round pins brush
  • Removes mats and tangle of small surface
  • The soft handle offers the highest comfort
  • Designed according to the body standard of Maltese
  • Cheap at the price and durable

We can say that if you are looking for cheap brushes for Maltese then there is no better option than this. In a word, they have offered a lot of things considering your ability. Although the price is lower than many heavyweight brushes, the performance is really amazing.

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2. Slicker Brush For Dog Deshedding Brush For Yorkie Poodle Maltese Puppy


In the 2nd position of our review, we have the best quality slicker brush for Maltese.  This brush can be used for multiple purposes. Not only Maltese but also if you have a dog with another breed, you can also remove the shedding with the help of the brush. Apart from this, the brush is also very effective for the hair grooming of cats.

The brush has been made to remove mats and tangles of thick hair. The plastic tip pins can remove the tangles of the coats of Maltese very quickly.

The brush can be used also by rotating. With this, you can easily remove loose and damaged hair. It is also possible to do the message task by the brush. The blood circulation of Maltese increases due to the touch of the brush pins.

The skin becomes oily and strong. If you do the regular brushing to your dog, it will get shiny coats. It is also possible to do hair grooming with this brush. The brush has lots of helpful characteristics, so we could not but put the brush in the list of best brush for Maltese It has a very attractive design, excellent quality, and wonderful performance together.

This is a very suitable dog brush for the coats of Maltese in terms of all aspects. You can stay relaxed after putting the responsibility of removing mats, tangles, and deshedding on this brush.

Key Features

  • The brush is quite effective to remove matt and shedding
  • It removes the undercoat loose hair and repairs damaged hair
  • You can do the massaging with the brush
  • You can do the hair grooming of Maltese
  • Rotatable soft pin brush

After buying this brush, there is no chance for you to be a loser in any way. This is because they are giving a 30-day replacement warranty. If you do not feel good you can bring another by returning the brush. Not only that, but they are giving 15 months warranty also.

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3. Happy Dogz Pro Slicker Brush For Dogs

Pro Slicker Brush for Dogs

The multi in one slicker brush is placed at number 3 in our review. The brush does a lot of works together. This is just not only useful for Maltese but also you will be able to do the grooming of all types of dog in the world. The fact is not only like that it is equally effective for the hair grooming of any type of pet.

If you use the brush a few times for brushing your Maltese, it will remove all the matt, the tangles easily. After brushing for a few days at a stretch, there will be no existence of shedding to your dog’s body. Not only that, but the brush can also prevent re-shedding.

The brush works like a razor inside the undercoat. It can clean all the loose hair from the undercoat efficiently. The brush pins are so comfy that the dog will be very comfortable. You will also be able to do the massaging to the dog’s body with this brush. The plastic handle is so beautiful and comfortable as you cannot imagine.

They have used all high-quality ingredients to produce the brush. That is why they are daring to offer the lifetime money-back guarantee. Such a premium quality brush is definitely one of the best brushes for Maltese. Your surprise is not yet over. Now let us present some more information about this rotatable pins brush.

Key Features

  • Perfect brush for all coats
  • Prevents matt, tangle, shedding and eliminate re-shedding
  • Works as an undercoat razor
  • Comfortable soft handle and gentle bristle
  • Only they are offering the lifetime guarantee

Though the brush is a little bit expensive, it is the best brush in performance. And you do not have to worry about the durability of the brush. That is because they are offering a lifetime money-back guarantee. That is why though the price is high, their sales are very high.

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4. Hertzko Double Sided Pins And Bristle Brush For Dogs

Hertzko Double Sided Pins and Bristle Brush for Dogs

When others are busy with the single brush, Hertzko brings surprise to everyone with the dual brush. There are two types of brushing facilities available at the same time in this brush as it has pins on both sides. One side of this is a pin brush and another side is a bristle brush. So you can use it for any of the long or short hair.

The bristle pins of this brush are very dense so it easily can remove loose hair from the topcoats. When you do brush, the loose hair will get stuck in the dense bristle and it will remove those loose hairs. To remove mats and tangles, it has strong pins like the comb.

Because of the function of strong pins, there will be no matt or tangle or knot in the dog’s body. These long pins also remove the dead undercoat at the same time. The pins are rounded and soft so it is 100% safe for your dog.

The brush is simultaneously durable and comfortable. The handle is made very soft so that maximum comfort is available during use. The design of this brush with a dual pin will also attract anyone. We did not think twice to recommend such a brush to place in the review of the best brush for Maltese.

Key Features

  • Dual pin brush. There are pins in one side and bristle on the other side
  • Soft pins and gentle bristle
  • It can remove matt, tangle, knot, top coat loose hair, undercoat loose hair etc.
  • The brush is at the same time comfortable, strong and durable
  • Satisfaction guarantee with the excellent design

The Hertzko Authority will give you the satisfaction guarantee to the brush. After this, I hope there is no doubt about the quality of the brush. It is the best dog brush in the middle range. Its bristle is so dense that it is able to eliminate every loose hair.

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5. Four Paws Magic Coat Instant Mat Removing Comb

Four Paws Magic Coat Instant Mat Removing Comb

Four Paws is totally new to the world of dog brushing. Though they are new but do not think that they produce all the so-called brushes. The design of this brush is totally different. It would seem that it is the peeling machine of vegetables.

But it is a very fruitful brush to remove the instant matt. Where there is a matt in the dog’s body, it is necessary to brush there to remove all the matte in a few moments. You just need to continue brushing the upper and downside several times.

The brush can remove everything instantly no matter there are matt, tangles, or knots in the coats of the dog. It is also very effective for removing the re-shedding. Experts said that it would be effective after seeing the structure of the brush. This brush can be useful for long, short, or medium-sized coats.

The brush is very durable and the design is also great. It has reversible blades that make this brush easily used by left-handed or right-handed people. Though it is the new one, we have considered placing it in the review of the best brush for Maltese. Let us know some more information about this nice brush.

Key Features

  • Can remove instant matt and tangle
  • There are multiple steel blades and pins in it
  • Advantages of reversible blades
  • Perfect for everyone such as the right-hander or left-hander
  • Removes shedding and prevent re-shedding

This brush is totally a new one. But it is different from others in terms of functionality. Many times, the coats of Maltese got so deadly knots that cannot be removed with the brush. This brush is a great blessing for you in such a situation.

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Best Brush for Maltese Dogs: Type of Brushes

There are different types of brushes that added various features that are obtained in the market. The best brushes for Maltese dogs depend on the features, size, quality and easy using of brushes. Some types of brushes are described below:


Rakes types brushes have a row of teeth helps to brush hair smoothly and remove the dirt and loosen hair. This types of brushes are specially designed for detangle mats. There is a low possibility to hurt the Maltese during grooming.

But you have to make sure that the brushes are easy to handle on Maltese, you can select small and well-designed brushes for properly using. Rakes brushes helps to debris out without making any trouble.

Bristle Brushes

These types of brushes are specially designed for the tangle out of coat but not suitable for getting mats out. For cleaning, refreshing and finishing the dog’s coat, there is no best alternative way without it.

If you want to groom your Maltese, then it helps to settle the coat up to bottom of hair. For its special features, natural oil distribution will be fairly that helps to make shiny skin and hair. Bristle brushes can give them better feelings during brushing that can helps to improve blood circulation.

Slicker Brushes

Slicker brushes are so much hardy and rough that is only designed for the double coated breeds. It’s not more suitable for single coated Maltese; they can get hurt to use it. For getting hurt, your dog may be irritated that can be the reason for their less interest to groom.

These types of brushes can be properly used for large sized breeds for its metal features teeth. So, you should consider about use it, if your Maltese has a tough single coated hair.

Grooming Gloves

Grooming gloves is one type of brushes that are generally used as finishing brushes. These gloves are not only used for cleaning purposes but also a bonding creating media that helps to build up a good relationship between the owner and Maltese.

It helps to develop the dog skin by distrusting natural oils that acts as a natural conditioner for dog hair and skin. These gloves are most easiest way to gently massage your dog skin that can get better protection to use it properly. 

How to Brush Maltese Hair: 5 Simple Tips

  1. At first, consider your dog’s long hair that should cut keeping minimum short length that is more stylish and manageable. In this way you can brush you dog within a few minutes.   
  2. For getting a desired hair look of your Maltese, you should consider to keep essential grooming tools including brushes that helps to detangle and dirt removing thing. Different types of brushes help to fix your Maltese good look.  
  3. Follow a gentle way to handle brushing your dog especially for long haired breeds. Try to give them piece and notice strictly so that they can’t get hurt during brushing. It’s necessary to check debris and dirt that leads to brush slowly.
  4. The main success of brushing is care about hair and skin of Maltese. Their hair can lose, break or absorbed dirt that is very harmful for their skin.  Be careful about efficiency of brushing! Choose appropriate brushes that can help to tangled out and dirt out.
  5. Must follow a regular schedule that will be known to your dog. These daily schedule makes them happy and easy to regular grooming. Make them sure that you are not harmful for them and it should a fun making tools during brushing. Regular brushing develops their skin and natural glory. An irregular grooming can be the reason of fear of them, so avoid this to groom lately.


1. How often should you brush a Maltese?

Bathing is the best cleaning process that are not possible to do regularly and the alterative way to brush your dog at least once in a day. Regular brushing is more effective to remove dirt than bathing.

2. Can you overbrush a Maltese?

No, over brushing can be irritated that can lose the hair and create rough skin for a Maltese. Once in a day is more workable having more benefits.

3. Can you shave your Maltese?

Yes, you can. Execs long hair absorbs more dirt. For going to an expert that is not an easy matter leads to cut your dog by own way. For keeping short hair regular grooming must be needed that is possible to cut hair, you can do it by avoiding salon or grooming centre.

4. Do Maltese dogs shed?

All dogs shed that is dependent on different breeds. Generally, Maltese dog has a single coat leads to low shed of hair. You can reduce the coat shedding by brushing their coat once in a day. Daily brushing is more effective for long-haired Maltese for being the reason of shed more. 

Final Thoughts

We have already finished writing detailed reviews of 5 products. And we will end today’s review after a few words. We did not write about any so-called brush in the review. Every brush has passed in terms of the quality filters of the experts.

Therefore, it is difficult for us to recommend you a specific brush. So our advice is that try to buy at least two brushes. This is because some brushes can remove loose hair well, and some can remove matt well.

Hopefully, we have been able to remove all of your doubts related to the best brush for Maltese. Now you can choose yourself and buy the brush for your Maltese easily.

Before buying the brush, you need to match the features of the brush with your requirements. Then you will see that you got the best brush for your Maltese.

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