Australian Shepherd also needs a brush. Basically, the species from Shepherd are very strong and tall. That is why their coat is very long. As a result, if you do not have regular brushing to it, then their coats will get tangles.

If you are the owner of Australian Shepherd, then surely you can understand how much a brush is required. The brush makes the dog coats shiny and silky and likewise, it does not let the coats to have the mat, tangle, etc.

But it is hard to find out the best brush for inexperienced owners. So we would like to review the best brush for Australian shepherd.

In the review, we will discuss the details of the best brush properties, how to brush, and the full specification of the brush. For that, you can easily find out the best brush for your Australian Shepherd. So let us start the review.

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About Best Brush for Australian Shepherd DogsTop Picks!

Those who have no idea about a specific thing but go to buy that thing then it is natural that they will not be able to buy the best one and the fact is quite true. So the fact goes similar why you go to buy a brush for the Australian Shepherd.

Most of the dog owners do not know which one is the best brush, which is suitable for his or her Australian Shepherd. Almost all of them cannot choose the best brush due to lack of basic information about the best brush.

Those who think you will buy a brush for your Australian Shepherd, this review will be very much helpful for them. We will discuss the detailed specification, features and all the ins and outs of each brush in the review. For that, you will be able to understand the quality of an ideal brush. So let us introduce you to the best brush for Australian shepherd.

1. SAFARI Plastic Pin and Bristle Combo Dog Brush

Best Brush for Australian Shepherd

For the Australian Shepherd, Safari makes very good quality brushes. This brush, made by them is hybrid which means it is made of pin and bristle. As a result, it can perform dual works. The brush pins play an effective role in removing mat, tangle. Likewise, the touch of the bristle comb collects the loose hairs from the undercoat and repairs the damaged hair. 

With this, you can remove the tangles of the coats, as well as you can do the work of grooming. Regular use of this brush will create natural oil to the skin and increase the blood circulation in the skin. Rubbing by the bristle pins will make the coat silky and shiny. Thick and silky coats will increase your dog’s beauty a lot.

This durable brush can offer you service for a long time. Considering all aspects, it is one of the best brush for Australian Shepherds. It is not only the best in name but also in performance and the proof of which you will get after the first day of use.

Key Features

  • Removes the mat and makes the coat silky.
  • It works as a detangling and deshedding solution for coats.
  • The bristles help to apply natural oils and increase blood circulation.
  • A dual-headed brush with plastic pins and bristle tips.
  • Makes dog coats shiny and healthy.

Hopefully, you all have understood the quality of this brush. Those who did not understand should look at the features again. It can be said that buying this brush will reduce the chance for coats to get tangles at zero levels.

2. SAFARI Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs

Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs

Safari has come up with a self-cleaning brush for those who could not be satisfied with the previous model of Safari. You do not have to do much to clean with a brush. Simply you just need to hold the brush on the dog’s body and move it around. And then the brush will do the rest. That means if there is any tangle in the coats, it will remove that easily.

The coats of Australian Shepherd are naturally very tall so it gets tangles in its coats easily. If you have this brush in your collection, then you do not have to worry about these tangles much. The brush can easily remove the mat, tangle, etc. All the tangles and mats will be removed after you rub the dog body with this brush.

It also helps in repairing the damaged coat and it also creates natural oil on the skin. Apart from this, blood circulation increases a lot due to the rubbing of the pins, so the risk of heart disease is greatly reduced. And due to its wide surface, the brushing can be done within a very short time. It is one of the best brushes for Australian shepherd considering all the aspects such as its quality, performance, price, etc.

Key Features

  • The self-cleaning brush which can do all the things itself.
  • Removes mat, tangle, and shedding.
  • Large Surface so it is easy to brush dogs at a very short time.
  • Increases blood circulation and makes coats healthy.
  • Helps in keeping the dog safe by removing undercoats.

This brush is one of the best brushes for the coats of Australian Shepherd. There are so many positive reviews on their names that bear testimony of their greatness. It is also a lot easier to use. Similarly, you do not have to handle yourself. The brush itself will be able to do the job of cleaning itself.

3. The FURminator Best Dog Grooming Rake

FURminator Grooming Rake

FURminator Grooming Rake is a good quality dog brush. It will penetrate the thick and dense coats of Australian Shepherd and remove the loose hairs. Its pins are very long and sharp. As a result, cleaning the long coats will be no problem. Though the pins are long, the pin heads are rounded.

Because of which you can do the job of brushing without hurting the dog. The dog will not bother at all at brushing time. It can be useful for brushing for hair treatment as well as effective for doing the grooming works. The brush pins continue to rotate, so there is no possibility of remaining dead hair inside.

When the brush pins will hit the skin softly entering into the deep of the coats, then the natural oil will be created automatically. Rubbing by the rounded pins can increase blood circulation a lot.

If the blood circulation increases, the dog will be healthy. So considering all aspects, we have included it in the list of the best brushes for Australian shepherd. The brush really works a lot.

Key Features

  • The all-purpose tool that separates and untangles coats
  • Rounded pins fully rotate to eliminate skin irritation and minimize tugging
  • Increases blood circulation and makes the coats shiny and healthy.
  • Removes mats from undercoat and breeches.
  • Shaped lines follow the pet’s contour for maximum effect.

In terms of effectiveness, this brush is perhaps the best of the best. You will get the proof of which if you see their average review rating. Almost everyone has given 5-star feedback. Especially for the unique design and advanced pins, this brush been able to grab the public attention. So if you buy this brush for your Australian Shepherd, it will not be a thing to get disappointed later.

4. The Slicker Dog Grooming Brush

Slicker Dog Grooming Brush

Slicker Brush is quite comfortable for the dogs. Its pins are usually very smooth. So those who have a dog with allergic problems on the skin can choose this brush even closing their eyes. With the help of the brush, you can do the works of hair grooming simultaneously for multiple pets. This is the number one dog brush for deshedding.

The brush appears like a deadly enemy against mat and tangle. If there is any tangle in your dog’s coat, you can remove that by brushing with this in a few minutes and make the coat smooth and silky. It not only does the job of deshedding but also prevents the dog coats from getting shedding again. It also removes the loose hairs stuck in the undercoat.

The wooden frame of the brush will attract your attention separately. Even though it is made of wood, its quality is very high so it lasts so long. Likewise, you can also do the dog’s health care with the brush. If you use this brush regularly, your dog will be healthy because it can increase the blood circulation of your dog.

Similarly, the coats become very smooth and silky and thick. And there is also the lifetime guarantee benefit in it. So this brush is worth getting its place in the list of the best brush for Australian shepherd. They have announced that this is the number one brush.

Key Features

  • They say it’s the best brush for removing tangles and shedding.
  • Removes mats and knots and makes the coats shiny.
  • One brush can groom the hair of multiple pets.
  • Soft pin, which is comfortable for dogs and easy to clean.
  • Lifetime guarantee.

If you are a fan of wooden frame, then it is recommended for you. Because of the wooden frame, this brush’s beauty has increased a lot. Besides, its quality and performance are also very good. And they are also offering a lifetime warranty.

5. The Andis Pet Best Steel Comb for Dogs

Andis Pet Steel Comb

Andis normally produces dog clippers. You may have got surprised after seeing their name as the producer of dog brush. You are supposed to react like that. If they decided to make anything, they make it very well. The grooming product by Andis means to walk safely. It is a little different to look at from the traditional brush.

It looks like a comb that we human being use but it is perfect as a dog brush. There are two sided parts pins set in the brush. On one side there are dense pins and on the other side, there are fewer pins. If the pins of this brush can hit the coats, the coat mat will be bound to get removed quickly. It is also quite effective in deshedding.

Once you perform the brushing for your dog, it prevents shedding again for a few days. Likewise, because of the pins rubbing, no loose hair can stay in the deep undercoat. The brush can bring out damaged hair or loose hair. Thus, your dog can prevent itself from allergic diseases. And it stimulates the dog’s skin.

So, we have placed this brush in the review of the best brush for Australian shepherd. If you use the brush, you will continue to get results after some days.

Key Features

  • Removes tangles, mats, loose hair and dirt.
  • Stimulates skin and hair follicles.
  • Perfect for finishing and fluffing.
  • Lightweight for fatigue-free grooming.
  • Increases blood circulation and natural oil.

The overall rating and average rating of the brush by Andis are better than all other brushes that we have listed in our review today. Andis is now the name of the faith to the dog owners. You can buy any product of them even by closing your eyes.

Facts About Australian Shepherd’s Coat

Hair coats have many features like density, length, color, thickness and shape that coats help to protect the dog’s body from cold, warm or any other harmful things.

Australian shepherd’s hair coat is very thick, soft and pleasant that is needed to keep clean for getting a shiny and silky coat. Strong coat protects from predator, flies and suckers but the coats care is very necessary for Australian shepherd.

Different Brush Types for Australian Shepherds

For Australian shepherds, different types of comb’s teeth are obtained but what types of brushes are needed for you that you can ensure yourself by knowing the brush types. For choosing a best brush, Australian’s shepherd coats of hair’s nature are very necessary to take a proper decision.

Comb’s teeth measurement depends on length of hair. For long hair coat, it’s needed to use large size comb’s teeth but for small one, don’t needed to use that large size can increase the possibility of hair fall.

If you choose a small brush for longed hair coat, it can take more time with possibility of creating tangle of hair. So choose an appropriate comb’s teeth for your having lovely one. On the other hand, if your dog’s hair is too soft and silky, buy a de-shedding hair comb that can nourishes the hair softly.

When Choosing a Comb, It Is Essential to Focus on The Dog’s Hair Type:

It will be more effective to use brushes to notice your dog’s hair types. Different types of brushes are described below that you can buy as your need:

  • Slicker Brush: These types of brushes are thick, sharp and thin. It normally used on fluffy and thick coated hair of Australian shepherds. But for its sharpness, plastic or rubber bolls are attached with this brushes teeth for avoiding injured scalp of dog.
  • Undercoat Rake or De-Shedding Brush: If the dog’s hair is so fluffy and thick, you obviously use this brush. This brush works smoothly and don’t touch the undercoat so that they feel comfort.
  • Comb: Different types of comb are found on based their teeth distance and sized. Some combs are made by one row with different size of teeth, and some are with long distance of teeth but also different size. You can select any types as your dog’s coat.
  • Bristle Brush: These types of brushes are look bristle types that are made from plastic, rubber, metal etc. for heavy coat these types of brushes serves well.
  • Pin Brush: Pin brushes are iron-bristle types that are oval shaped and thin rows of pin like human combs. For removing tangles and weak far, it’s a best choice for dog owners.

How to Brush an Aussie Dog?

Brushing is a necessary work for keeping fresh of them. It will be a good decision, if you brush our dog one or two times in a weak. For proper brushing, some short steps you can follow are given below:

  • Before brushing you can spray some conditioner or water for swiping wool that helps you brushing properly.
  • Take a brush according to your dog’s hair. Then brush from neck to tail gently softly. Avoid keeping pressure during brushing so that they can’t get heart on undercoat. In this way, they feel comfort that makes you easy to remove dead fur. 
  • Sometimes dog hair become tangled and matted. So, you should more careful for their sensational nature. Don’t take over sounded or scratch creating brushes. Brush slowly part b part of hair that helps to remove tangles without making any trouble.
  • Doing above your dog feel better than before. If you want, you can continue this until getting a better result. Then you can cover the all part of bodies at this same way. But the main think is choosing the appropriate comb for your dogs.


1. What Kind of Brush Should You Use on Australian Shepherd?

Generally, Australian shepherds are thick undercoated dog. For these types of hair slicker brushes are best that helps to remove dead and tangled hair properly.

2. Should You Use a Fulminator on An Australian Shepherd?

It will be best, if you use a fulminator on Australian shepherd. It helps to clean fallen and weak hair and give best comfort to dog.

3. Why Do Australian Shepherds Have Their Tails Cut?

A research sector believe that an Australian shepherds do their job with strength without any tail that’s why no need long tail of this dog. Genetically, it born with cut off tail (short tail).

4. How Long for An Australian Shepherd to Have Its Hair Fully Grown?

For overgrowing hair of this dog, it takes six or more weeks so that it’s facilitate to nourish an Australian shepherd. 

5. How to Prevent an Aussie from Shedding so Much?

You can prevent shedding for brushing regularly. It will be better, if you do this one time in a week. Brushing also gives them a fresh and healthy looks.

Final Words

If you want to pet big size dogs like Australian Shepherd, you have to do regular grooming. Hair grooming of dogs is such routine work. If you do not brush your Australian Shepherd regularly, then the coats of it will get tangles and loose hairs will get stuck inside and create allergic reactions. That is why you should buy at least one brush. You can choose any of the brushes that we have mentioned in the review here.

This is because after going through a lot of researches, we have made the list and included in the best brush for Australian Shepherd review. But if you have any confusion in your mind, then Andis is recommended for you. We wish that everyone can keep their dog healthy by performing regular grooming.

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