The brush is a very useful kit for dog grooming. This brush is used to spread the tangles from the coats of the dogs. And we know that if the dog coats get tangles once, then the dog may become severely ill because of it. So it is necessary to have the brushing on your dogs before they get knots.

You also have to keep the coats of your dog silky by applying them to the brush. Those who pet the Yorkies know well how dense the coats of these types of breed dogs get. This makes them more likely to get mats and tangles.

To remove the mat of Yorkies, it is necessary to have a better quality dog brush. But do you know which dog brush is of good quality? Of course, 80% of the people do not know that. That is why we would like to inform you about the best brushes for Yorkies here.

Today we will let you know the best 5 brushes for the Yorkies. Along with that, we would like to describe the details of how the quality of the brushes, what are the benefits and features of those brushes. By reading our today’s reviews, you can buy other brushes besides these.

We will present everything beautifully in simple language. We had a lot of discussions so far, let us talk about and start the discussion on the brush of the Yorkies.

At a Glance: Top 5 Best Brushes For Yorkies In 2023

What Type of Dog Brush Should You Use on a Yorkshire?

Selection of brushes is the main key of regular grooming of Terrier. You can get extra benefits to use best brushes for your Yorkshire Terrier. If you choose any wrong brushes that will affect on dog’s skin and hair.

You have to try to choose right one for getting better result. Here are some types of brushes that you can use on Yorkshire as based on their coat nature are following:

Types of Coat

Different types of coat are represents, as their coat you should select a perfect brush.

  • Short Cut Coats: If you would like to keep short coat of Yorkshire, you can use a gentle bristle brush that helps to cut less than one inch in length. Around nose, mouth and paws that area have to keep short hair for removing irritation of them. 
  • Medium/Long Coats: For cutting medium to long hair or extra long hair, Stainless steel comb type’s brushes are very helpful for Yorkshire. If you want to a long coat of your pet, you can choose these brushes.

Types of Brushes:

Brushes those are very essential for regular cleaning. Here are some types of brushes that you can select as your need.

  • Stainless Steel Comb: Stainless steel comb have dual teeth spacing that has remained on both side of these brushes. One side has an eventually spaced teeth and the other side has a wider spacing. These both sides help to clean hair. For hair removing from the portion of mouth, face, paws and eyes that have to possible to clean by using Steel comb brushes. For rest of the part, wider spacing teeth help to clean hair fairly.
  • Pin Brush: By using pin brush, it’s easy to tangles out of Yorkshire. It also helps to clean loose hair and distribute natural oil properly. Pin brushes give them most comfort that they can feel from deepest mind. These brushes give finishing clear outlooks. So, you can choose these brushes for your Yorkshire.

Other Tools You May Want to Buy for Your Yorkshire

Besides brushes, you can use others tools for grooming purposes. These tools help to give a proper groom to Yorkshire. Detangled comb liquid solution, scissors and clipper etc that are very essential for grooming. These tools prevent the breakage hair that is caused of hair fall. 

Our Top Picks! Best Brushes For Yorkies Review

The people who pet the Yorkies have the only question that which brush is best for the Yorkies? Those who have these types of questions in their mind will get the answer today from our guideline. We will show you all the features which are necessary to have for a brush to work on the coats of the Yorkies.

The five brushes we have selected in the review were taken on the basis of the suggestions of experienced people. Expert dog groomers, experienced pet lovers have recommended these in light of their long experience.

There is no doubt that those brushes are very useful. Now let us get acquainted with the best brushes for Yorkies. So, no more other talks here, now let us start the original review.

1. Furminator Best Deshedding Tool For Dogs

best brushes for yorkies

Furminator deShedding Tool for Dogs is remaining in the first position of the review for the Yorkies. The quality of the brush is as well as its efficiency. It is basically used to remove the shedding of the coats. The stainless steel rounded pins are used in the brush.

These pins can easily remove loose hair from topcoats and undercoats. The FURejector button gives release to lose hair easily. The ergonomic handle provides a lot of comforts. Its design is also excellent and body materials are of high quality. Because of which it can give service for a long time.

It is a lot easier to use by which you can do the smoother brushing. It does not cause any damage to the coats or skin during brushing to the undercoats. There is no fear of cutting the skin.

The most surprising thing about this is the number of reviews on Amazon. Even after over 13 thousand reviews, the average rating of this product is near to touch 5. Think about how good a product you have to offer if you want to get such the rating.

The price is actually less compared to the quality and the benefits. Such a brush is undoubtedly one of the best brushes for Yorkies. This brush is perfect for Yorkies in all aspects.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel deShedding edge searches through topcoat safely
  • DeShedding tool for small dogs with long hair
  • Easily remove loose hair and undercoat
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort and easy use
  • FURjector button releases hair with ease

We have not seen so many reviews for a single product like this since we have been writing Amazon product reviews. Despite this, they can keep the average rating at a much higher level. So it can be said that the brush is very effective for the shedding and mat. You can safely buy it and use it. If you brush your Yorkies with it, there will be no trace of knot to your Yorkies.

2. Hertzko Soft Pet Brush By For Dogs With Long

Hertzko Soft Pet Brush by For Dogs

The brush we have at the 2nd place in our review is very useful for doing a lot of tasks. If the skin of your Yorkies is sensitive, then this brush is recommended for you. That is because it is made to be useful for sensitive skin. This brush is quite useful for removing tangles.

At the same time, it can remove the mat, shedding, etc. at the same pace. Even if there is any shedding in the undercoat, it can also remove that. And the big pins of the brush remove the loose hair and keep it clean.

At the same time, it can also repair the damaged hair. And with this, it is possible to brush for other breed dogs besides the Yorkies. It can even also be used to remove the shedding of coats of the cats.

The design of the brush is quite nice, the handle is very comfortable and the pins are soft. Because of which the dog does not get hurt at all at the time of brushing, so it does not get bothered. The blood circulation of your Yorkies will increase a lot with the soft touch of the pins of the brush.

Regular brushing will make the coats very shiny.  It is also one of the best brushes for Yorkies in terms of functionality and design. If you want to keep the coats of your dog free of mat and tangle, you can use this brush.

Key Features

  • Comfortable, durable, and excellent design.
  • Soft pins that can remove the loose hair of undercoats nicely.
  • Remove mat, tangle, and shedding. It also prevents re-shedding.
  • It increases blood circulation with the soft touch of the pins.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee is given.

There is no fear of any damage to the dog’s body because of the use of this brush. Rather, because of the soft touch of the round pins, blood circulation increases, and natural oil is created to the skin. The biggest thing is that you will get a 100% satisfaction guarantee in the brush. If you do not get the result, then you can get the system to send it back.

3. Gopets Professional Double-Sided Pin & Bristle Brush For Dogs

Pin & Bristle Brush for Dogs

In today’s review, we have brought a hybrid dog brush at number 3 of the serial. You will get the advantage of pins and bristle at the same time. The multiple tasks of this brush do not only end here. You can use it for any pet including dog and cat. There is the pin brush to remove the mat and tangle from the body of the Yorkies.

All the tangles will be removed if you apply some touches of the pin side of this brush. With the bristle edge of the brush, it is easy to remove the loose hair of the undercoat easily. The bristle pins are so dense that it is not possible to dodge the brush even for a single loose hair. Many times the topcoat has a lot of loose hair. You can also remove those using this brush.

The brush is safe and comfortable for you and your dog at the same time. The soft handles will give you the maximum comfort and the round pins will give the dog the best flexibility. Brush quality and durability are also too strong.

The biggest advantage is that if are not satisfied after buying it they will refund you. Considering all these things, it can be put in the list of the best brushes for Yorkies. The brush will remain ahead of others considering the effectiveness and quality.

Key Features

  • Dual pin brush. There is the pin on one side and bristle on the other side.
  • Removes the loose hair from the topcoat and undercoat.
  • Removes mat, tangle, knot nicely
  • Excellent design, comfortable handle, and a soft pin.
  • They are offering replacement guarantee in it. You can also get Money back guarantee.

If you want to run multi-task through one brush, then this is for you. Because there are the pin and bristle on both sides, you will get the advantage of two brushes. And the pins are designed in such a standard that these are effective for all dogs.

4. Best Professional Deshedding Tool For Dogs

Professional Deshedding Tool for Dogs

If the coats of your loving Yorkies get the deadly knots, then this brush is for you. This is because the professionals use this brush for de-shedding. With the help of this, you can remove 95% shedding. This brush can be used as a comb simultaneously.

It is made in the combination of the brush and comb. During the brushing, long round pins of this brush enter deeper and remove the loose hair. It also does the massage work on the skin. As a result, the natural oil is formed on the body, and the blood circulation increases. For that, the dog coats become shiny and strong.

After brushing by this for 10 minutes, you will see that all the mat, tangle, and knot are removed. Not only that, but it also removes the re-shading. This brush handle is also quite comfortable and good in design. If you have been brushing for a long time, you will not have the slightest impact on your hands.

There is also storage for keeping the brush safely after using it. It will keep your children safe from the harmful effect of the brush. So you can understand that it is one of the best brushes for Yorkies. The brush has ensured its position in the list because of its quality, performance, durability, etc.

Key Features

  • Prevents hair loss
  • Comes with a protective storage case
  • Made in brush and comb combinations.
  • Removes 95% shedding and mat.
  • Remove loose hair and make the coat healthy.

If you take this brush, you will not have to buy the comb separately. With this, you can continue the work of comb nicely. So, if you buy the brush to remove the mat, you will get hair grooming tools also. The performance of the brush is very good. You can call it a complete hair doctor.

5. HappyDogz Slicker Brush For Dogs

Pro Slicker Brush for Dogs

Everything that we have described above is all pin brushes or bristle brushes. So, we have come up with an effective slicker brush in the 5th position of our review. It is possible to remove mat and tangles with this. It will do a lot of work when there are deadly knots to your Yorkies after getting a lot of dust from the outside.

After brushing a few times, the knots of the dog will be removed. There are so many brushes that can remove the undercoats, but those cannot finally make those loose coats get out of the hair. But this brush works as an undercoat rack. So there is no chance for the loose coats to stay inside.

This brush works equally in all kinds of hair. If you want you can use it for other breed dogs also. The brush pins are very soft and gentle. As a result, your dogs do not get irritated at all at the brushing times. The ergonomic durable design has given the brush another dimension. With the functioning of the pins of the brush, the natural oil is created in the dog skin. For that, the coats became very healthy and shiny.

In the world of slicker brush, it is the best brush for Yorkies. If you cannot be satisfied using this brush, there is no problem. They will offer you the lifetime money back guarantee. It is only possible to offer the lifetime money back guarantee if there is full confidence regarding the quality of anything.

Key Features

  • It is the best slicker brush for the Yorkies
  • Undercoats act as a loose hair rack
  • Easily remove mat, shedding
  • It is comfortable, durable and the design is also very attractive
  • Applicable to brushing for all dogs
  • Only they offer the lifetime money back guarantee

You have got all the information about the brush. Hopefully, it will surely satisfy you all. In addition to removing mat and tangle, this brush is very effective for undercoats. They use the brush as the rack to remove loose hair. Their average rating on Amazon is also good enough.

Buying Guide for Yorkshire Brushes

Buying guide should be followed for getting lots of benefits by using appropriate brushes. These brushes help to prevents mats and tangles and make a healthy oily natural shine coat of Yorkshire. Here are some factors that you should consider for buying brushes:

  • Get the Right Type of Dog Brush: Though you can get the different types of dog brushes, but you have to select right one that suit your Yorkshire properly that help to save your money and time. Right one makes sure a stylish good looking haircut.
  • Check the Dog Brush Size: Size is the important fact for buying brushes. As a dog’s body size, you have to buy a cleaning brush. For a small sized Yorkshire, it’s needed to buy a suitable brush that able give a peaceful cleaning time. Appropriate brushes can give them comfort.
  • Choose an Ergonomic Handle: Brush handle selection is the mostly important fact if you want to easy grooming. A handle with difficult functions those brushes will be difficult to move on dog body. So, choose an easy to move brush with handled helps to easy cleaning.
  • Invest in A Quality Dog Brush: Quality brushes give quality services. You shouldn’t compromise with qualities that can longer your brush services.


1. How Often Should I Brush My Yorkie?

You should brush your Yorkshire at least once in a week that helps to check your dog’s skin condition. Regular brushing makes ensure the healthy coat of Yorkshire. For preventing mattes and tangles, it’s a better way to use brushes for cleaning purposes.

2. Do Yorkies Shed when You Brush Them?

If the Yorkshire has a weak unhealthy coat of hair, it’s possible to shed of hair for brushing. But the brushing helps to make a strong hair after cleaning weak dirty hair. These brushes also help to prevent over shed of hair.

3. Do Yorkies Have an Undercoat?

No, there is no any undercoat of Yorkshire breeds. They are all single coated. For this reason it’s easy to clean up and care of Yorkshire breeds. Single coated Yorkshire needs a little care of coat.

4. Your Yorkshire Has Cotton Coat. Do You Need a Special Kind of Brush?

If, a Yorkshire has a heavy coat of hair, then its cotton type coat that is so rare but if you have! It’s so necessary to special care about it. So, you can search a special brush that is suitable for your Yorkshire.

5. How Do I Untangle Yorkie Matted Hair?

Matting is a regular process of Yorkshire. So you have to care about hair by using cleaning tools that helps to easily untangle the matted hair.

Final Thoughts

Regular brushing is very much needed to keep the breed dog like Yorkies healthy. Otherwise, it knots cause a serious condition to the coats. This is because their coats grow very fast.

However, you should choose the correct brush during brushing. Otherwise, the result can be reversed. We have written here a review enriched with a lot of information for the best brushes for Yorkies.

You can use any of the 5 brushes we have recommended for your loving dog. All the brushes are of the best quality and have great performance. However, we would like to suggest you buy at least two brushes. Then you will get great results. Keep your Yorkies healthy and strong by brushing. This is all here for today, goodbye.

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