About Us

Top Dog tips started its journey to provide different advice related to dogs. Actually, people cannot properly pet dogs because of ignorance. This is because they do not have enough knowledge about petting dogs. If you do not take care of anything, it will be ineffective, and in the same way, if the dog does not get proper care then the dog also becomes sick. If you are able to have dog grooming properly, the dog will become healthy and you can see the beauty of it. Very few people can do the dog grooming in the right way. As a result, they become so much worried when their dog faces any problem. We basically provide all types of tips for dog grooming. All the tutorials you will get on our websites on how and what to do for your dog grooming so that your dog will remain healthy and safe.

You will get the detailed guidelines on what and when you have to do things from the birth time of your puppy to the old age from Top Dog Tips site. All of the expert advice and tips are always available on the site regarding what you need to do if your dog is sick, which shampoo is good for your dog, what to do if your dog gets hair matted, bathing procedures, brushing tips, which clipper is good, and so on. We will be giving tips in the light of the suggestions of veterinarian experts. Similarly, before suggesting the dog grooming materials, we will select the products in the light of Amazon review, experts’ opinion etc. and present it to you. Top Dog Tips want to create such a platform that when you fall into any problem related to your dog, you can have the access to get all the information needed from our website.

Our mission and vision are to provide complete dog grooming tips. Our goal will always be to present the best quality tips in front of you so that you will get lots of benefits. We will provide all kinds of tips for your dog so that you can grow your dog with the maximum care. Top Dog Tips is always there for you with full-fledged dog grooming tips.


Take a look at how we can benefit you with dog grooming tips. To guide you well, we will share tutorials dividing those into different sectors. For that, you can easily find section based tutorials.


The video tutorial is the most effective and fastest way to learn. A lot of things you can learn in black and white by viewing the videos. So we will provide topic-based video tutorials. You can easily take care of your dog by watching our videos.


We will provide a lot of recipes related to what the dog loves most to eat, how can be made food. By following our recipe you can also make delicious dog food. We will give recipes according to the suggestions given by the renowned dog food experts. So do not make the mistakes to keep your eyes on our recipe section regularly.


We will provide scientific tips on dog health, food, and living procedure. You will have all the tips from us on how animal scientists ask to do the dog grooming. If you groom your dog with scientific ways then your dog will be diseases free and safe. Hundreds of scientists’ opinions and suggestions will be published through us.


Real experience is more valuable than academic knowledge. So we will publish some interviews of some successful dog owners. You will also get benefits from their experience of how they successfully have done the tasks of dog grooming. Their suggestions and guidelines will also allow us to be successful. From the interview, you will also be able to learn about the different experiences they have been through.


We will review various tips and products related to dog health. Specifically, we will provide guidelines and write the review about the different dog grooming materials. By reading our reviews, you can easily choose the best product. We will select the product in the light of quality, customer feedback, and service.