Dog owners who have dogs troubling with breathing must find out the best dog breath fresheners. Yes, it is normal to search for that. This is because to keep a dog healthy, it needs regular treatment. Breathing in dogs is a common problem. There is nothing to worry about. Breath freshener should be applied as soon as the breathing problem appears.

Then the dog will be able to breathe normally. If the problem does not improve, then you should go to the specialist immediately. However, all the breath fresheners we will mention here are very much helpful. Hopefully, this will work better and be enough. For those who truly search for breath fresheners, read this article attentively.

That is because we will have a detailed review of the best dog breath fresheners. This will reflect the opinion of the experts. In our review, we will basically highlight their opinions.

So let us gather some knowledge about breath fresheners this time.

Quick Look: Top 5 Best Dog Breath Fresheners Reviewed

About the Best Dog Breath FreshenersTop Picks!

If your dog has trouble breathing, you must give breath freshener as a primary treatment. Otherwise, the situation will become very serious. If you see any symptoms of breathing problems, you can try the breath freshener first. It will hopefully do sufficient work. Veterinarians mainly make these breath fresheners. However, there are also many fake fresheners in the market.

You have to be careful of them. That is because poor-quality breath fresheners will cause damage to the dog. That is why you have to choose the best one. So if you can’t do that yourself, then you can put the responsibility on us.

We have chosen the best ones after matching several criteria. Now we will review each of the best 5 breath fresheners one by one. A detailed review of the best dog breath fresheners is presented at a glance in front of you.

1. Tropiclean Fresh Breath Water Additive For Dogs

best dog breath fresheners

In the beginning, we have chosen the TropiClean Fresh Breath Oral Care Water Additive for Dogs to relieve your favorite dog from breathing problems. This breath freshener is very effective to relieve the problem quickly. This breath freshener builds great resistance against plaque and tartar.

If you use it regularly for your dog for only 14 days, breathing problems get under control. It is made by blending green tea that is anti-bacterial. Keep in mind that these bacteria cause respiratory problems. Once used, the fresh breath lasts up to 12 hours because of the action of green tea. The big thing is that it has no odor.

So the dog can easily take it. They have also provided spoons for using easily. So you can use the right quantity of freshener, seeing the spoon indications. This breath freshener is extremely effective against dog breathing problems.

So there is no way not to put this at number 1 in the review of the best dog breath fresheners. Using it, the dog heals quickly, and it temporarily solves the problem daily.

Key Features

  • Creates great resistance against plaque & tartar.
  • Cure within 14 days or less time.
  • Blended with green tea for a lasting, minty fresh breath.
  • It is tasteless and odorless, so dogs are comfortable to eat.
  • Prevents bacteria that are the main cause of breathing.

This is undoubtedly one of the best quality breath fresheners. You can understand that by seeing their reviews on Amazon. They have gained great popularity among dog owners with improved services. You can definitely buy it. Many dog owners who have their dog with breathing problem got benefit from using it. So if your dog has this problem, take this even closing your eyes.

2. Orapup Bad Breath System for Dogs Natural Bad Breath Fighting Enzymes

Orapup Bad Breath System for Dogs

If your dog is having respiratory problems, then the primary solution can be to go to the Orapup Bad Breath System for Dogs Natural Bad Breath Fighting Enzymes. It is quite useful as a solution to the problem of breathing. This breath freshener reduces plaque and tartar altogether. As a result, the problem of breathing is resolved very quickly.

And it contains the dog’s favorite flavor. Because of this, dogs easily take it. And it doesn’t even need brushing to take it. However, the Orapup brush is used in it to suppress bacteria from the puppy’s throat. Remember that it is the bacteria that create the problem of breathing. It works as a master to control the bacteria.

And it is made from beef and bacon where hundreds of natural ingredients are used. This will give your dog a sense of natural breath. So in our judgment, they ranked no. 2 in the best dog breath freshener review. This is very effective as a fresh breath.

Key Features

  • Eliminates plaque and tartar.
  • Very effective in preventing bacteria in the throat.
  • Orapup brush has been used to suppress breathing caused by bacteria.
  • Made from whole natural ingredients so it is safe for dogs.
  • It contains flavors that dogs enjoy, so they will readily swallow it.

They, too, are far ahead of preventing breathing problems. So you can use it without any tension for dogs too. Breathing problems are cured by this very quickly. Besides, it is a very high-quality product as a dog breath freshener. Since everyone is happy to use it, you can buy it without any stress. As a primary treatment, it will be very helpful for the dog if your dog has trouble breathing.

3. TruDog: Spray Me – Dog Breath Freshener All Natural Ingredients

Dog Breath Freshener

If your dogs have any problem, you first go to the veterinarian. This is very natural because they are experts in this regard. Those veterans have recommended the TruDog: Spray Me – Dog Breath Freshener – Doggy Dental Spray for breathing problems. First of all, let us talk about its ingredients. It is made from all-natural ingredients.

So there is no fear of harm for the dog. Dental plaque and tartar will be removed first if your dog consumes it. Both of them create problems during breathing time. This will remove these without any type of brushing. Just a spritz a day is all it takes to help improve the hygiene of your pup’s mouth.

In addition, its natural ingredients destroy the odor-causing bacteria in the dog’s mouth. Not only does it eliminate breathing, but it also increases the immune system of the dog. So it will guarantee natural breathing in the mouth of your dog. So much of what exists in this so it can easily be ranked at number 3 in the best dog breath fresheners reviews. They have maintained effectiveness and quality together at the same time.

Key Features

  • Effective in suppressing tartar and plaque.
  • Easily destroys the odorous bacteria in the dog’s mouth.
  • Made from all-natural ingredients so not harmful to dogs.
  • Improves the immunity of dogs.
  • Breath Freshener is approved by veterinarians so can be used without fear.

Their reviews are also excellent. Certainly, so many positive reviews did not come without any reason. They have won the hearts of everyone with a quality product, good service, and superior effectiveness. For that reason, dog owners first look for them when the dogs have a breathing problem. They also did not disappoint people.

4. Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Daily Dental Dog Treats

If your dog is suffering from breathing and if he likes to chew, then you should choose Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Daily Dental Dog Treats as a breath freshener. It was originally designed for chewing. They have taken advice from the veteran council to control tartar. So it is very effective to prevent tartar.

It was originally created with an emphasis on nutrition. It contains essential vitamins, minerals, and calcium. As a result, the teeth and bones of the dog become strong. Clinical evidence has shown that your dog will get pure breath using this breath freshener. And it has to be chewed that almost all dogs will love.

This taste of this is like a dog’s favorite treat. And it absorbs water inside like a toothbrush. In all respects, it is quite helpful for dogs. We have included it in the reviews of the best dog breath fresheners considering all these. They fill our criteria with their own qualifications and have got a place in the review.

Key Features

  • Contains 1 – 28.3 Oz Box.
  • Tastes Like A Treat, Cleans Like A Toothbrush.
  • Clinically Proven To Help Freshen Breath.
  • Vitamin D, calcium, and other essential minerals help keep bones strong.
  • Vohc Seal of Acceptance for Tartar Control. Made in Topeka, Kansas.

This is a very effective breath freshener for dogs. It is clinically proven and approved by veterinarians. So those who have dog breathing problems can use it with a relaxed mind. This is because it is suitable for chewing so the dog will eat very happily. The reason is that it has the taste of real treats.

5. Minties VetIQ Dental Dog Treats

Minties VetIQ Dental Dog Treats

Minties VetIQ Dental Dog Treats is really great as a breathing freshener. Your dog will heal much faster with the use of it. It is made from triple-action formulas so it works fast. It is quite effective to prevent tartar and plaque. It is also effective in destroying bacteria and other organisms in the mouth.

It has maximum mint, so dogs can easily chew it. Your dog gets a lot of taste during chewing, so he chews for a long time. Not only does the ingredient in it remove breathing but it also improves immunity. Vitamins, calcium, and mineral in its ingredients play a very important role in the formation of bones and teeth.

It also protects your dog’s teeth very well. Besides, it has no artificiality, but it is completely natural. So it is not harmful to dogs. To be quite effective as a breathing freshener, we have included it in the review of the best dog breath fresheners. There are all the qualities in it to get a place in the review.

Key Features

  • The triple-action formula works so fast.
  • Maximum mint, so the puppy gets a lot of fun while chewing.
  • Five natural breath fresheners.
  • They have no artificial.
  • Very helpful in preventing tartar.

Although they are new to the market, their reviews are very positive. In the meantime, they have won the hearts of everyone. So you can feel free to trust them too. Hopefully, you will not be disappointed. If you want to heal your dog by making it consumes a breath freshener, you can choose it.

Buyers Guide To Help You Get Your Hands on the Leading Dog Breath Freshener

If you think to know about the features and benefits of a breath freshener, so you search here to get the direction that helps to you find out for your needed one. You can buy this product on online which will save your time.

Things To Consider When Getting Dog Breath Freshener

For searching best one, some special criteria that you can consider during buying this product that important criteria are:

  • Ingredient list: Before buying, you should check the ingredients list, natural ingredients are the best that have no side effects. Using chemicals can harm dogs which should be avoided. Some products are not suitable for all ages of dogs, so you must check the age limit for your dog.
  • Hypoallergenic: Some products are badly responsible for hypoallergenic problems that should find out and try to avoid that product. After using these types of products, your dog can be affected dangerously which leads him toward death.
  • Usability: Your dogs can hate to take anything that may be medicinal or any other products that are new to them. So, you should notice the acceptance of products to your dog. You should choose one that product has faster application features.  
  • Talk to the Vet: Before giving something to your dog, you must discuss to vet. Otherwise, if this product has some negativity that you can’t find out that can harm your dog or your dog can’t accept it results will not be good at all.


1. Do Dog Breath Fresheners Actually Work?

Yes, it’s work, if your dog has enough breathing problems. Sometimes, your dog can suffer more for terrible breathing, for this condition you must use it to control the breath. Your dog has some digestive issues, so decide to give those fresheners help him to get better digestion and this dog breath fresheners can make a world of difference to your dog.

2. Can Dog Breath Be Removed without Brushing Teeth?

Yes, it’s possible to control bad breath if you have no enough time to brush your dog teeth. You can take help to use this freshener that can control bad odor.  You should notice that you have to deal with the main cause of bad breath and remove it properly to keep them fresh in your mouth.

3. How Can a Dog’s Breath Be Kept Smelling Fresh?

It’s possible to use a breathable freshener that can remove the bad smell. The main reasons for the horrendous odor are due to oral hygiene, eating habits, and another is gut issues. You should figure out the right cause of your dog’s bad breath and try to solve these issues by using the above products.

Final Words

We have reviewed all the details so far for all the breath fresheners. We have highlighted their qualities through specifications and features. Hopefully, you have got a detailed idea about each product. Now you can choose for any of the fresheners for your dog even closing your eyes. All are pretty good, breath fresheners, and dog-friendly.

Regardless of the type of dog breath freshener you take, you need to give it to the dog regularly. This will make the dog recover soon. Some breath fresheners in our best dog breath freshener review are once again rich in calcium, vitamins, and minerals.

So you can make your dog consume them regularly besides breathing. It will strengthen the teeth and bones and increase dogs’ immunity.

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